Conservatives Friends of East African Community or East Africa Conservatives –

In accordance with Article 71 of the Constitution of the Conservative Party (“the Party
Constitution”), Conservative Friends of East Africa (“CFEA”) shall be the Recognised
Organisation of the Conservative, representing CFEA members, this Constitution
shall take effect from the date determined by the Board. CFEA will be part of steering
group; Conservative Friends of Africa.

1.1 Except that “this Constitution” means “this Constitution of CFEA” words in this
Constitution shall mean the same as they do in the Party Constitution and provisions
in this Constitution and Schedules thereto shall be interpreted as they would were
contained in the Party Constitution.
1.2 This Constitution is subject to the Party Constitution as in force at the relevant
1.3 The Board may at any time amend this Constitution and/or intervene in and/or
determine the affairs of CFEA.
1.4 For the purpose of determining eligibility to hold office within CFEA, that member
should be a member of Conservative Party.

The Objects of CFEA are:
2.1 Promote and increase awareness of the Conservative Party among people of the
East African Community.
2.2 To engage with MPs, Councillors, etc. and educate the community about the
Conservative party.
2.3 To recruit members from people from the East African Community in the UK to
join the Party;
2.4 To advise and provide assistance to the Party on all matters where the particular
expertise of CFEA may be of great value to the party;
2.5 To represent and promote the interests and profile of the party among people of
the East African Community;
2.6 To encourage members to stand as School Governors, Councillors, MPs, etc.
2.7 To encourage and develop among its Members the formation, organisation and
operation of Friends of East Africa branches;
2.8 To work for the election of Conservative Candidates in local, regional (London
Mayor), national and European elections.

3.1 Any person from East Africa who joins the Party shall also be a member of
Conservative Friends of East Africa and Conservative Friends of Africa.
3.2 Any party member who has interest in East Africa can join.
3.3 All Members of CFEA shall be entitled one vote in any election within Friends of
East Africa, Conservative Friends of Africa and the Party.
3.4 Inclusion of a person on a list of Members of CFEA maintained by and under the
control of the Party shall be proof of that person’s membership of CFEA.
3.5 Monthly Subscriptions shall be paid in amounts as determined from time to time
by the Board.
3.6 To cease to be a Member of the Party is to cease to be a Member of and/or to
hold office in CFEA.

4.1 The CFEA Executive (the “Executive”) shall be constituted in accordance with
this constitution.
4.2 CFEA will appoint Honorary Executives (From Parliament, within or outside the
4.3 Subject to the approval of the Board, the Executive Board will appoint by vote a
Chairman/President and his Deputies or Vice-Presidents appointed; such
appointments being for renewable terms of each 2 years.
4.4 The CFEA will also appoint the following:
Head of Community Outreach
Finance Officer

5.1 President and three other (Deputy, Membership) of the Executive shall be
elected annually in accordance with Schedule One of this Constitution. Subject to
5.2.below, a person may serve as a Member of the Executive Board for no more
than two consecutive years without election;
5.2. A person may serve as Chair or President for up to 4 years (renewable).
5.3 Honorary and Senior Appointed Officers shall be entitled to participate as nonvoting.
5.4 Conduct of meetings;
The President shall chair meetings of the Executive Committee, or in the absence
of the President, the Deputy shall chair the meetings.

6-CFEA Current Executive Board
– Monthly e-briefings with the latest information from Parliament and Campaign
– Monthly Members’ e-newsletter- written by MPs and members- covering policy
issues, articles, etc.
Regular event updates from the various African communities in the UK and
news where you are.