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The Launch of the Conservative Friends of East Africa-CFEA


Thursday the 11th of April 2019 saw an event to mark the launch of the Conservative Friends of East Africa or CFEA at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters – CCHQ.

The occasion was very special due to the quality of the prestigious VIPs and our many, valued guests who joined us. All were able to contribute to this special event and also witness how this newly formed group plans to position itself in future. The group’s political platform fits perfectly into the format and concept of the “Conservative Friends of….” groups and the event gave a platform for their position and relationship with other similar groups to be outlined. This was helped by the support of leaders of some of the other “Friends of” groups at the launch.

The vision however behind the creation of this group is to bring members of East African Countries, living and working in Britain, closer to the Conservative Party and each other by integrating them through active interaction at group events similar to the launch.

Lord Sheikh

Lord Sheik in this context – as the main guest speaker of the event starting the series of speeches – summarised the aims and objectives the Founder (Mrs Ruth Barry) has tried to materialise in setting up the CFEA.

In a few sentences, Lord Sheik argued that the creation of the CFEA is to serve as a bridge between the UK and the whole region of East Africa in its diversity in cultural, business, economic, political, social and institutional terms. The creation of the CFEA thus responds to a requirement that has always been there and was waiting to be picked up and brought to light. For Lord Sheik, this occasion therefore was not only special, but also historical.

Dr Rami Ranger

Dr Rami Ranger CBE in his speech also highlighted; the Conservative Party as a matter of fact is one of rare political parties that runs Britain by giving out valuable opportunities to Communities of all types living in the UK making sure that education, entrepreneurship and business are cultivated as the very principles by which members of the communities must live by through hard work and sacrifices.

Baroness Jenkins

Baroness Jenkins of Kennington then spoke on the best advice on political activism she could give to the other Members of the CFEA Team (who comprise in addition to Ruth Barry: Founder and Chair-person, Margaret Joseph: Treasurer and Martial Godo: Vice-Chair). She made the case that working as a Group must be the focus point of the Group: taking into account the organisation of more events for networking and working with the grass roots are key elements to attract more membership and promoting the Party, its values and principles to the Communities.

Hon Jeremey Lefroy MP

Jeremy Lefroy MP (C-Stafford) highlighted the importance of the role the creation of the East Africa Conservatives group will play for the region through the Conservative Party especially when it comes to setting up social, economic and educational development projects.

Theo Clark, CEO Global Coalition for Prosperity

Theo Clark, CEO of the Global Coalition for Prosperity, reinforced this message emphasising its potential for women’s empowerment and girls education and from eradicating poverty to combatting FGM.

In Conclusion, the night on the launch event of the of the Conservative Friends of East Africa-CFEA or East Africa Conservatives at CCHQ was a great success. Many thanks to all our speakers and guests who were able to support and contribute to marking its official inauguration.

We at CFEA are honoured to join the “Conservative Friends of ….” family.

By: Ruth Barry: Founder and Chair-person, Conservative Friends of East Africa-CFEA


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