Aims and Objectives 

The Conservative Friends of East Africa exists to:

  • Promote and increase awareness of the Conservative Party among people of the
    East African Community.
  • To engage with MPs, Councillors, etc. and educate the community about the
    Conservative party.
  • To recruit members from people from the East African Community in the UK to
    join the Party;
  • To advise and provide assistance to the Party on all matters where the particular
    expertise of CFEA may be of great value to the party;
  • To represent and promote the interests and profile of the party among people of
    the East African Community;
  • To encourage members to stand as School Governors, Councillors, MPs, etc.
  • To encourage and develop among its Members the formation, organisation and
    operation of Friends of East Africa branches;
  • To work for the election of Conservative Candidates in local, regional (London
    Mayor), national and European elections.

Structure of our Organisation

CFEA Team:

Founder & Chairperson
Treasurer and Administration
Parit Sah
Business Chair

CFEA Patrons:

Baroness Ann Jenkin of Kennington
Baroness Nicholson

CFEA Committee:

Mr Jo Blok
Mrs Jo Blok

CFEA Ambassadors:

Cllr Omer Lokou-Tchri

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